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Pizza Stew is a weekly radio show and podcast hosted by Tommy Skaggs containing interviews, current events, internet culture, movie reviews, and friendly conversation.
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Mar 30, 2016

Pizza Stew is 10 episodes old now! Double digits! This episode is soooo meta. We look at what is going well, what needs improvement, and a plan for future episodes. If you have anything to contribute to the show, e-mail me:

Mar 23, 2016

Angela and Tiara join the show for a live episode of Pizza Stew! We talk about Home Improvement, dank memes (Papaw Burger, Stick Figure Bill, doge, monkey, Most Interesting Man in the World, One does not simply, walrus buckit), favorite social media outlets, worst cats, avoiding movie spoilers, Pee-Wee’s Holiday, Ingress, Pokemon Go, Zombies Run, and Couch to 5k.

Mar 16, 2016

My brother from the same mother, Matt Skaggs, joins me today for another gripping episode Pizza Stew. We mostly talk about his role at the Kent Chamber of Commerce and how businesses can succeed. We also talk about: soccer jerseys, bowling, the Froggy Fresh conspiracy, turquoise jeep records, Deadpool, superhero movies, Star Wars, retro future style, Turbo Kid, Kung Fury, Mike Diva, dad recording over home movies, the Hateful Eight, Grand Theft Auto, The Division mini review, I am Legend, State of Decay, PUNS!, dank memes, do people see the same color?, daylight savings time, Skaggs business segment. If you want to reach out to Matt or learn more about the Kent Chamber of Commerce, e-mail

Mar 9, 2016

This is the seventh episode of Pizza Stew! Today, Brad from The Reach joins me to talk about philosophy on learning new things, risk taking, and his personal journey. We also talk about: fiverr, no bad Tony’s, Pan the game, uncles, fifth suit in poker, what other games can be improved?, cheating at Monopoly, Risk Legacy, Super Yahtzee, No talking at BINGO, Podcast technical details, House rules, Board flipping, Brad wants to try MTG, Madden ’93, Pokemon, Saved by the Bell, timing is everything, power chords, risk tolerance, dog breeding, farm rules, expectations and reality, Buuber, shower is the best thinking place, no need for coffee, Mormon dinner date, philosophy on likes, other bikini themed businesses, buying dynamite, getting on watch lists, The Office, character development, Game of Thrones, the book was better, The Division, new Facebook like buttons, kill food. If you want to learn more about The Reach, contact Brad Bradley,

Mar 2, 2016

Austin Hayes from LASR joins me for Episode 6 of Pizza Stew! Primarily, we explore the unexplained and talk about his show Paranormal Puesdays (Tuesdays at 10pm on LASR). We also talk about the logistics of Leap Year, Y2K, Office Space, Mike Judge, Idiocracy, Kung Pow sequel, love for student radio, running, chili after marathon, Dope (movie), Netflix and Spotify methodology, Tidal, Everclear, the future of Virtual Reality, Apple and the FBI, Fuller House, Z Nation, Flat Earth, Jurassic Park without Dinosaurs, Full House theme without Michelle. Next week Brad Bradley will join me.